Saturday, April 21, 2012

Training in Maxixe - day 6

After 6 days of training and preparation, saturday is the day of putting into practice with children from the community.

Around 150 kids joined us for a day of sports, recreation and bible teaching.

For us, it was the last day in Maxixe, province of Inhambane, but for the students, hopefully this is just the beginning of the great things God will do through them.

Narciso teaching a small group

Fausto with a brand new soccer ball

Small groups discussion



Some kids carrying their little sisters...

and Saidate helping so her brother could play!

The Training Certificates

Friday, April 20, 2012

Training in Maxixe - day 5

After 4 days discovering and testing the tools, this is the day to plan and prepare a children program to happen tomorrow with the community children.

The 18 students prepare and organize everything so they understand and take the ownership of tomorrows event, and learn how to reproduce it in other locations in the province of Inhambane.

Sharing Time

Individual presentation
KidsGames Preparation

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Training in Maxixe - day 4

The ultimate goal of experiential learning is to provide to the pupil a way to behaviour change. For that to happen it is needed that each one will make a personal application of the learned principles.

If unity within my team is important to reach the goals, unity in my family is also important for the well being and sucess of it's members. I have to play my part in the family, so from today on, I want to be the first to awake up in the morning, and clean the yard and carry the water tanks for everybody. Doing this I will do my part for the unity of my family.

Instead of delivering to the students general principals to be learned, we challenge them to identify their own needed changes so they apply the learned principles.

An ilustration of the different areas of the person

Coconut tree climbing - Saidate did it!

How dificult is to not see the way

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Training in Maxixe - day 3

Another important moment of the experiential learning process is the 3rd step - the conclusion.

After the experience/activity the pupils are invited to reflect on the experience, providing their own ideas of how the activity was, what was difficult and how to overcome the challenges.

Then, it is crucial they try to conclude about the bridge it can be done to their lives, and the challenges they face daily:

In the same way it is so hard to face alone the obstacles inside the field of play, when their goal is to prevent us from progress, it is also hard to face the problems in our life without help of others, and ultimately of God.

Here it is important that the group shares how similar are the problems they face in their personal lives, and discover from each other new ways to lead with it, in a mutual encouragement.

Saidate shares his experience
with the kids of Hulene

A team task, where ALL are needed!
Another small group discussion time about sexual behaviour
Coconut Tree Climbing... it's me! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Training in Maxixe - day 2

One of the key things with Experiential Learning is that provides an excelent environment for reflection.

After a game/activity, competitive or just recreational, the group can start sharing and reflecting on each one experience/feelings, and ,doing it together as a group, the provided feedback brings out the many lessons learned about the game/activity.

And the result of this will provide the identification of similarities with real life, where the games's challenges are compared with the life's challenges.

Q & A time

Problem solving activity

Discussion on current life issues

Sharing individual experiences

Monday, April 16, 2012

Training in Maxixe - day 1

One of the main focus on our trainings is the importance of using sports and games as a teaching tool.

In all activities,, there is a value or teaching principle that can be discovered and applied to our personal lives.

Also, the learning process happens in a intensive way if done with a good environment of joy:

Competitive Activities

The importance of teamwork

Determined to reach the goal
To be continued...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

On our way to Maxixe

Maxixe is a small town 350 miles away from Maputo, in Inhambane province. That's where we will have the 9th 1-2-3 Training (check here about other 1-2-3 trainings we did) for 6 days next week.

Travelling with us, also 3 patients from the oncology ward that will visit their relatives in this area.

God willing it will take us 8 hours of driving, and we will leave Maputo tomorrow 6 AM. Follow us on this adventure... and check the pictures we will "try" to upload:

Saturday night (10:20 PM)
Our 4x4 is loaded with the training equipment and some extra petrol.
Boarding will start at 6 AM.

Sunday (8:00 AM)
A short stop at Manhiça for a snack.

1:00 PM
Arrival at Maxixe

The boats that António and Reginaldo will take to Inhambane, their hometown.

The church where we will do the training tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM

Thank God we arrived safely in Maxixe, although very tired.

Thank you for your prayers!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Our friend "Easter"

Páscoa (meaning "Easter" in portuguese) is a 11 years old girl we met while she was at the Hospital here in Maputo. Since she went home a few months ago, we never heard anything about her.

In fact, she only say 3 words: her name, her age and her village. She didn't like Maputo, maybe because it prevent her from living her childhood or just because it means an Hospital and all those Chemo treatments.

Today, I was thinking about her. Because in the last days I heard her name so many times. Have a great Easter! they say all time at the end of a conversation... Why? What is the meaning of having a great easter?
Why do we say this to others?

Maybe the same way we say Merry Christmas, or Have a Great weekend...

What is a "great easter" that we can desire to our friends?
Is this a wish for them to have a special weekend with family? A special meal? Gifts? Fun?

I wish we could explain to all the true meaning of Easter!
Have a great Easter because of the Great News about it!
The great news about Jesus ressurrection to give a new life, a new beggining!

We should think about this!
A girl called Páscoa (Easter)