Sunday, June 21, 2009

Soccer and Kids, what a combination...

We have started our "whole life soccer coaching" school 1 year and half ago, but for the last months, we've decided to do the training, not at the orphanage facilities but outside, at the soccer field, on a primary school in the area.
Every sunday, our group of 35 teens, walk for 5 minutes from the orphanage to this primary school. Today, as always, we went there, but for our surprise, there was a group of 30 kids already at our spot. "Well, someone get here first" I thought. But I was wrong, they were waiting for us! They said "We want to play with your team, can we?"

"Well, if you want to play with our team, you have to join us for all the training, including the discussion time and lesson, is that ok?" Sure! We are ready to join!

This is just incredible. We have started with 30 orphans and know we have 65 kids and teens wanting to be part of our coaching program! We had to split the group, and while Saidate was coaching "long pass" to one group, I was talking with the other group, about "serving others" and the history of the man who asked Jesus about what was the most important commandment!

We are so grateful for this opportunity to serve this group of kids. We know that maybe they will never reach a top position at the sports world, but we can't wait to see what kind of men, they will became, as we have this opportunity to coach "life skills" on their lives.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

She is ready for 5th grade...

Mariana completed this week the first "cicle" of her "student life". At the Portuguese School of Mozambique, all the 4th graders received their certificate and were challenged for a new beginning next September.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Play Doh

Our little friends at the Central Hospital with their new funny activity! Everything is possible with play doh, from fruit baskets to people! Wonderful to see their faces.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Angola2010 Challenge

Angola is getting ready to host one of the major sports events ever held in this country - The Cup of African Nations in Soccer, by January of 2010.

During these last two weeks, we had the opportunity to train 40 volunteers and church leaders to serve their country during this Major Event.

Ubabalo "Whole Life Soccer Coaching", KidsGames and a overview of all the potential tools to be used with sports for community transformation, were the main topics of the training. We also had a city comittee from each one of the hosting cities in Angola for the CAN2010: Cabinda, Luanda, Benguela and Lubango.
We will be back soon in Angola, I'm sure!