Friday, May 30, 2008


No one has exact figures of the number of immigrants now living in South Africa, but the Institute of Race Relations believes that there are between 3 and 5 million - equivalent to the country's entire white population.

The number of Mozambican immigrants forced to leave South Africa after the xenophobic wave of violence is now over 32 thousand, and 10 thousand are still waiting for transportations in shielded areas, according to the National Intitute of Calamities Management (INGC) in Mozambique.

It was at 21.30 on Wednesday night when a group of people attacked Arlindo Nhantumbo, a Mozambican who has lived happily in South Africa for 12 years.
"Ten of them came, with guns, and told me to leave the country. I don't know what to do, because I have married a South African and we have a five-month-old baby boy," he says. "I am desperate."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amazing Grace

Raquel's first audition on Piano at the Portuguese School of Mozambique, playing and singing "Amazing Grace".


Maputo, 5:30 AM - That's like this every morning! N4 road, in the way to South Africa, 90 km to the border.

As the city stands besides me, awakening for a new day, the sun starts to shine strongly as I can see on the mirror of my car.

Every morning the sun comes to shine on everyones lives in this "Land of Smiles". It really shines to everyone? Would this be true?

In fact, the sun shines for everyone but, for some, it is only just another day, uncertanty about life, future or family.

You should ask C., one among 1.500.000 orphan children in this country, living at Ant's House, an orphanage which we are so proud to be friend of!

Picture of C. by Avelino Vieira.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Portuguese School

Getting closer to the end of school year, parents are often invited to watch and listen their pupils performing the results of one year hard work.

Raquel and others from 6th grade performed tonigh, in a 1300 students school from 22 different countries.

Monday, May 12, 2008

20'' Container is coming!

Last friday was the first day of a long jorney to the Ant's House in Mozambique, where so many children will benefit from the loving donations of our friends in Portugal.

A 20'' container full of clothes, books, and so many good things to enrich the lives of these young kids at Ant's House.

To all of those who contributed and made this possible, THANK YOU!

A special word to the companies, assuming ALL the transportation costs, at origin.

On behalf of Mozambican children, KANIMAMBO!

Track our container here!

Mother's Day

Raquel and Mariana, they have the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!

As you can see, she take care of her 2 daugthers always with a smile!

Who always suffer with these special days is "daddy". Not a single word in this blog about the Father's Day, and as he tried to take a picture with "mommy" there was a tree in between!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Ant's House

It was great to welcome a group of 31 from Portugal, in their short passage throught Maputo.

We are so pleased to be able to introduce them to this orpanhage "Ant's House", which is a wonderful project we are greatful to partner with.

Every day, about 500 meals are served to chidren and teens, as they go or came back from school.

Thank you for the goods things you bring with you, as clothes, books, etc. A special thanks to the City Mayor of Lagos, in Portugal, for the suitcase full of brand new things.

Central Hospital

We really don't know his name, but we will cal him Dario.

Abandoned by his mother lst week, Dario was found in the street and taken to the Maputo's Central Hospital, and he's now waiting for an institution to receive him, to provide him an home, education, and hope for a better future.