Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peace again...

Dear friends, peace is back to town, as soon as the government announced the reduced gas price for the public transportation.

In fact, 1 liter of gas, costs around 35 Mtn(USD 1,40) but will be recuced by 4 Mtn for those tranports.

Those "vans" are running again, people are happy, the city is back to normal.

Only one difference - people just discover a new way to stop the government and to "undo" their decisions - burning tires, blocking roads and destroying things.

Now the question is: What will be the next law which will produce this same reaction?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Mozambique floods

Dear friends,
Besides the economical and political crisis in Mozambique, amplified by the riots in Maputo, this week, the country has been hit hard by a second year of serious flooding, as heavy rains in neighboring countries have swollen the Zambezi River and forced people to leave their homes and seek help from aid groups.

The government estimates that up to 95,000 people have already been moved to resettlement areas, but over 200,000 people are still at risk.

The crisis, in which at least seven people have died so far, has been compounded by Mozambique's status as one of the poorest nations on the planet. Nearly 60 percent of children live below the poverty line.

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Flood lessons

Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Light" peace...

It seems that everything is ok. At least the violence is over - that one of stones and burning tires. Because there is another kind of violence in the streets - to force thousands of mozambicans to walk dozens of miles to be at work each morning.

In modern cities, when there is a strike of transports, peolpe will stay a home, just because they can't go to their jobs. Sometimes they feel happy about that. But here, there is no tolerance! If one can't be there on time, probably he will be substituted by other and lose his job.

This job, paid with a few meticais, enought to buy a bag of rice, sugar and oil, and nothing else, is the job which make these people to walk everyday, imagine... with a smile!

Yesterday we meet a young man at the drugstore who walked for 6 hours in his way back home, the day before. This morning, by 6:30 AM, we meet a lady who works at the house next to ours, and to not lose her job, she left home by 2:30 AM.

The schools reopened this morning, althought there is still no public transportation. According to the government, the transportation strike will be over tomorrow, but the gas companies just said this afternoon they will be on strike from tomorrow on. In some stations there is no gas.

Mozambique says will not compensate for riot damages

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Peace is back!

After the government anouncement to keep the old prices for transportation, while will negotiate with the private companies, the peace is back to town.
Although we can drive safely, there is still a lot of barricades and trash containers in the middle of the roads.

Some stores are open but with few supplies, we had some dificulty in get bread, and in some gas stations, there is no gas. The public transportation are still on strike, but in silence. For that reason, there are thousands of mozambicans enable to come to work today.

Our family is ok, this morning we had to visit the doctor as Mariana had fever. We are grateful because the drugstore was open and we could by the antibiotic she needs.

Thank you for your prayers.

Police kill protester in Maputo fuel riot

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Violence in Maputo...

A wave of violence spread into the city this morning, caused by the insurrection of mozambicans as the government raised the prices for bread and for public transportation (+50%).

People were inciting by SMS on the cellphones saying " people is suffering, but the government and their families don't. They don't pay for transportation. On the 5th nobody should work, or get the "chapa" (a 9 seat van for 22 people! - the main public transportation in the city). Let's stop and demand justice, pass this to others, come along and fight against the poverty"

The streets are closed, people are destroying cars and burning tires in the main roads of the city.

Our family is ok! For security reasons, the school stoped and retained the kids inside. We here able to get there and bring them home. I went to buy some food but I was caught in one of the barricades, and stayed there untilt army fired some shots to the air, so we could pass without problems, only a stone's throw to the back window of the car.

Thanks God, we're all together at home and safe!

- Updated News from Reuters
- One dead, 63 wounded in Mozambique protests
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- One Killed in Mozambique Transport Price Protests

Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes, it is true... I'm running everyday!

For those not believing, here are the evidences!

Every morning, by 6:50 (as the girls left to school) or by the end of the day, running and walking (right now, more running than walking), its about 5 kilometers around this area.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ubabalo eAfrica

Ubabalo eAfrica means "The Grace of God to Africa"!

World Cup Soccr 2010 offers Africa the best opportunity to combat the destructive giants of HIV and AIDS, breaking up of family units, poverty, corruption, violence and ethnic strife. These giants need to be overcome by lasting moral values that direct the behaviours of our people.

Through this initiative and partnership, the church and other agencies are capturing the golden opportunity to transform the future generations of Africa.

Ubabalo eAfrica is a Leadership and Life skills programme through Whole Life soccer coaching.