Sunday, October 28, 2018

Milange 2018

Last week we were again in Milange to train 31 leaders from rural communities in this district. All of them are involved in children and youth ministry in their communities and wanted so much to serve those who Jesus loved.

Studying the Bible

Small groups

Experiential Learning

Alice and the ladies
On Saturday, the group of 31 served the 1º de Maio community where 200 kids joined for a practical day of KidsGames:

Bible Discovery

David and Goliath


Prayer Time

And... a bit more of the life in Milange:

Not forgetting the importance of having a bicycle:

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Training of Trainers

In April, 30 leaders representing 13 local churches in Maputo area come together for 4 days, to discover new ideas and tools to reach the children and engage them with the Bible.

In the last day, over 100 children from the local community experienced a KidsGames day, delivered by the trained leaders. No matter how heavy the rain was, children didn't give up until they heard God's story for their lives.