Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Training in Maxixe - day 3

Another important moment of the experiential learning process is the 3rd step - the conclusion.

After the experience/activity the pupils are invited to reflect on the experience, providing their own ideas of how the activity was, what was difficult and how to overcome the challenges.

Then, it is crucial they try to conclude about the bridge it can be done to their lives, and the challenges they face daily:

In the same way it is so hard to face alone the obstacles inside the field of play, when their goal is to prevent us from progress, it is also hard to face the problems in our life without help of others, and ultimately of God.

Here it is important that the group shares how similar are the problems they face in their personal lives, and discover from each other new ways to lead with it, in a mutual encouragement.

Saidate shares his experience
with the kids of Hulene

A team task, where ALL are needed!
Another small group discussion time about sexual behaviour
Coconut Tree Climbing... it's me! :)

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