Thursday, July 11, 2013

Soccer and Life coaching

Through a partnership with the local authorities of Matola, we had the privilege to give training to 50 soccer coaches.

During the sessions, we covered the different techniques and soccer skills, but more important, the life skills that soccer can develop in the children as they play soccer and reflect about their own lives, and the principles needed to be applied at every moment. Many times, the coach is also a teacher, a mentor, and even a father to these kids.

Much more important than building a generation of good soccer players, our goal is to help coaches to build a generation of man and women, future parents, teachers, citizens, that together will be actively involved in community transformation.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Love is...

When I as just a kid, I remember to see this picture with an original sentence about what love is...

If it was today, this would be my sentence:

Love is... to walk 4.3 miles to the airport to pick up the husband!

Right, she did it! Check-it out here:

I love you!