Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Earlier Christmas...

This Christmas arrived earlier in Maputo, when Raquel and Mariana received their new school bags, from our family in Portugal.

A new driver in Maputo...

Last week, after 4 months walking and riding, Alice had the courage to drive. No notice of any traffic jam or other incident. :)

(The true is, that was the first day with our own car!)

Friday, October 19, 2007

At the locker room...

Académica of Maputo is a soccer team playing in the First League in Mozambique.

This afternoon, after the practice, I was invited to talk to the team, after the coach.

It was a privilege to encorage the athletes and talk with them about the trust they need in the field and out of it. Trusting themselves, trusting others, but first of all, trusting their God Creator, the best choiche for those who want to make their lives with significance.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Home, sweet home...

Finaly at home!
Dear friends, sorry for not saying anything for a long period of time.

Finaly we've got our house and an internet connection working!

After 3 months we finaly sleep in our beds...

A lot of dust, walking, and particulary a lot of patience to see our house being fixed.

Thank God, during this period, we were hosted at the best hotel in the city - The Bowers's Home, a missionary family here in Mozambique. Thank you, Jim and Stacie for your hospitality and frendship.

This last week was special too as Mariana celebrated her 8th birthday for the first time in Africa.