Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cape Verde Islands

During two weeks, I had the opportunity to serve the leaders in Cape Verde, visiting two islands: Santiago - Praia and São Vicente - Mindelo.

In total, 102 leaders representing 30 local churches from 6 islands of Cape Verde, in two different classes each week, were able to learn and practice experiential learning, Bible Discovery and the use of sports and games as a reach out tool for children and youth.

We also had an opportunity to check some of the current projects and be encouraged to initiate ministries in new communities.

Take a look at the pictures:

Experiential Learning - Teamwork and Creativity
Speaking to children at a Soccer School
Sport Values and Life Values

Soccer Skills

Gift of a ball and a New Testament to the coach
Visit and Practice at a Local Soccer School
Soccer School Project in the fishing community Porto Mosquito
Incorporating a Bible Lesson into the soccer training
Certificates at Praia
A local and famous dish for everyone - Cachupa!
Mindelo - afternoon group
Discovery Bible Study
Small group discussion
Mindelo - night group
Esperiential Learning - not giving up
Whole Life Coaching
Warm up
Applying the Game experience into a Life Experience
Certificates at Mindelo