Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mr. President

During the Presidential visit to this country, the portuguese comunity was invited for a reception at the Portuguese School of Mozambique, where some studends like our youngest daughter Mariana, were able to perform some tradicional portuguese dances.

For our surprise, Mariana was also invited to represent the school giving flowers to the First Lady.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blog 7413 - Maputo 3

Altought this blog is wining in terms of visitors, it is always a joy to welcome someone at the airport.

Cláudia is a young teenager from our home church in Portugal, who decided to visit us during Easter time.

We hope she will enjoy and be able to have her 1st missionary experience in Africa.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Live Broadcasting from MZ to the Portuguese World

This program comes for a couple of hours each morning and is a mixture of talk show, culinary class, etc., and is watched by many, many people who are home during the day.

This show is also shown in Mozambique and Alice believes that it was a good testimony for people there to see the kind of work they are doing.

Just before their segment came on, a sign came up on the bottom of the screen saying " Know the story of Jorge and Alice Pratas, Missionaries in Mozambique" to announce the coming segment.Alice's parents came on next to share how they felt when their daughter told them that they were moving to Mozambique. Apparently, they suspected it before Alice told them. They said that she came back from the first trip to Mozambique with such a changed outlook that they were expecting them to move there. Alice's parents showed the audience their prayer card.

All this time, her parents have no idea that Jorge and Alice and the girls are in the studio in Mozambique that belongs to the same TV channel about to come on live.

They went on to share about their experience this past Christmas visiting Jorge and Alice and visiting the "Casa da Formiga" or "Ant House" which is one of the organizations that they work with in Mozambique. It's a sort of day center for children where they come to study and to eat. In most cases, it's their only meal throughout the day. Alice's parents have begun a project of filling a container from Portugal full of clothes, school supplies, toys, etc but they didn't have money to ship it. They explained how 60% of the population live on less than 1 Dollar per month. A liter of milk costs $2 and minimum wage is $60. The presenter then asked how much the container would cost to be shipped.

He then asked if the parents would want to see their children and all of the sudden Jorge and Alice and the girls show up on the screen.

"What went through your heads to go into Africa"? was the presenters question for Jorge and Alice. Jorge answered by saying that after going there and seeing the needs, they felt compelled to go. Then the presenter asked Alice "Is it hard for you to sacrifice the worldly things"? Alice responded by saying that it was not a sacrifice but rather an honor to share with the people of Mozambique and to give to them what God had given her. Alice then went on to explain what a privilege it is to make a difference in the children with whom she visits daily in the hospital.

The presenter asked about the girls and they both came on and said hello to their grandparents. Mariana, who is 8, couldn't sit still and she was so cute. She is NOT shy!

The presenter then went on to explain how he had a great desire to visit Mozambique. At this moment, he interrupts the program to say that a caller has called in to pay ALL of the expenses of the container (about $9,000 USD). At this, Alice isn't able to stop the tears of joy from rolling down her cheeks.

Monday, March 03, 2008

How is the weather out there?

Here is fine!
So fine, with the temperatures jumping over 90ºF everyday.
By the end of the day, the best place to be is... at the "Clube Maritimo" pool!