Saturday, October 10, 2015


Milange is a small village in the province of Zambézia, in Moçambique.

Located 1500 miles from Maputo, is not easy to get there - 2 hours flight to Quelimane + 2 hours in a paved road + 3 horas offroad to Milange!

You can imagine the joy when we see Milange lights and finally able to get out of the car and realize it is over.

In Milange we work with a local partner (ESPANOR) a christian organization involved in educational programs, skills trainings and community development/transformation through the church. We serve the later area, delivering a training to 30 youth and children leaders coming from the many rural communities around.

Proclaiming the Gospel, Making Disciples, Obeying the Bible and the Role of the Church were the main topics we addressed, along with creative tools and their implementation within youth and children ministries, using experiential learning.

In the last day, the leaders organized a kids program in one of the near communities, where over 2500 kids showed up.

Take a look: