Thursday, April 19, 2012

Training in Maxixe - day 4

The ultimate goal of experiential learning is to provide to the pupil a way to behaviour change. For that to happen it is needed that each one will make a personal application of the learned principles.

If unity within my team is important to reach the goals, unity in my family is also important for the well being and sucess of it's members. I have to play my part in the family, so from today on, I want to be the first to awake up in the morning, and clean the yard and carry the water tanks for everybody. Doing this I will do my part for the unity of my family.

Instead of delivering to the students general principals to be learned, we challenge them to identify their own needed changes so they apply the learned principles.

An ilustration of the different areas of the person

Coconut tree climbing - Saidate did it!

How dificult is to not see the way

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