Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aunt Alice!

It was Alice's Birthday! Aunt Alice, as they call her at the Hospital!
On that afternoon, there was a birthday cake at the table, and the patients offered a beautiful necklace made with seeds.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dump and Soccer

Hulene's Dumpsite is the bigger I have seen in my entire life! (check on Google Maps)

1,7 million square feet where a 1,2 million people city dumps their trash day by day. Here hundreds of people make their homes and jobs, trying to find and collect anything that can be sold for a few coins or traded for a piece of bread

Among those, dozens are children. The smae children that we welcomed this weekend for a special Soccer Tournment, just a few meters from the dumpsite.

In total, around 140 kids (10 - 14 years old) making 10 teams representing the surronding neighbourhoods.

Today, we had the playoffs, and even with heavy rain, they played with joy in a day that started around 7 in the morning when the first children arrived. Check the pictures...

Good players don't need boots...

Rain is not a problem when you love soccer...

The big final - Hulene vs. Ivory Coast

A soccer match calls the attention of all ages...

A very tense moment...

Great defense!

The closing moment

Distribution of Soccer Balls

a special award for a special player...

New Testaments for all the players

A Sports DVD (The Prize) for the winning teams

More about Hulene's Dump here

Copyright - Pedro Sá da Bandeira

Monday, February 13, 2012

Summer Time and Tropical Storms

This last saturday, the temperature reached 104º F (40º C). This is really hot! A few minutes after, Maputo was hit by a storm, destroying many houses and trees. We are safe!