Friday, April 06, 2012

Our friend "Easter"

Páscoa (meaning "Easter" in portuguese) is a 11 years old girl we met while she was at the Hospital here in Maputo. Since she went home a few months ago, we never heard anything about her.

In fact, she only say 3 words: her name, her age and her village. She didn't like Maputo, maybe because it prevent her from living her childhood or just because it means an Hospital and all those Chemo treatments.

Today, I was thinking about her. Because in the last days I heard her name so many times. Have a great Easter! they say all time at the end of a conversation... Why? What is the meaning of having a great easter?
Why do we say this to others?

Maybe the same way we say Merry Christmas, or Have a Great weekend...

What is a "great easter" that we can desire to our friends?
Is this a wish for them to have a special weekend with family? A special meal? Gifts? Fun?

I wish we could explain to all the true meaning of Easter!
Have a great Easter because of the Great News about it!
The great news about Jesus ressurrection to give a new life, a new beggining!

We should think about this!
A girl called Páscoa (Easter)

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