Monday, February 28, 2011

Pimpão, the hunter...

If you are considering a visit to Mozambique, don't worry! We wired the last generation of protection from the Africa wildlife. It is not a lion, but acts like one, when anything moves in our house. 

The look...

Pimpão and his coach Mariana

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charity boxes...

The storage room is too small for such love. Boxes, Bags, big, small, old and new, you can find everything. From needed things to "not so interesting" objects, the container arrived after a long journey through the sea.

Storage room

This is the result of the love from portuguese people, always ready to help when is needed, no matter how far are those who need. But it takes a lot of work before these gifts reached their final destination.

Boxes and boxes

It took about 1 month for the container to arrive  in Mozambique.

After all the paperwork, custom clearance and many stamps, we need to take everything out of the container and give it back after 3 hours, empty.

As we don't have any place to store it, we depend on friends and volunteers to give us some space on their private homes.

After this, we need to open each box and see what is inside.

Opening and organizing by age size
This is the longest phase! Organize everything making sure it's clean and in "good" conditions!

Selection by age an gender

Whoever needs can take it home...
Now that everything is selected and organized by gender, size or age, we need to store it again using shelfs to make it easier to find what we need.

Then, what? 

Here in Mozambique, everything is needed, always. So, it's just a matter of dividing it by groups, like orphanages, schools or other missions. In special ocasions, like Christmas, each patient at the Cancer Ward in the Hospital will receive a give, as all those we see in need. everyday is a day to give.

From the other side of the world to this beautiful city of Maputo, love is received and love is gived away to others. Thank you for your generosity.
Adapted from Vivências Contadas 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Soccer and Life

Around 130 youth, from different churches of Maputo get together for a soccer tournment.

Many goals scored but also lots of joy for knowing about the much higher values that exist behind sports. To achieve the 1st place is good but not everything in life.

At the end, all have received literature about values and sexual abstinence.

In Mozambique we estimate that sexual activity starts at the age of 11 - 12 years old.
We can't wait for the rigth time to educate... the rigth time is now!

Who said you need special shoes to play?...

This was an oportunity for these young man and women, to watch what pro athletes have to say about life, like Kaka and Lúcio, soccer world champions.

A soccer ball, signed by the FIFA best soccer player of the world, is nothing without air inside... what about your life?...

Another team blessed by a "uniform" donation from Clube Desportivo de Mafra

Two communities competing... Romão and Baixa

Ali Mulima, the best scorer with 8 goals, showing his shirt "With Jesus, problem is not a problem"

Distribution of a magazine "Values on Sport" and a brochure about Sexual Abstinence

The Book with the best story for the 2 winning teams...

Joy and lots of noise from the vuvuzelas!

The champions... A.D. Baixa

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Short Passing - Relationships

One of the main focus of Ubabalo program (Whole Life Soccer Coaching) is the way it transforms the soccer field into a classroom, where the students learn as they play and reflect about what they do.

This is what happened this morning, 8 AM, when our kids experienced for the first time a grassed soccer field, invited by Clube Ferroviário de Maputo for a friendly match.

But there was another surprise for them - a new "uniform"! Donated by Clube Desportivo de Mafra, a soccer club from Portugal, these kids played for the first time so well dressed in yellow and green.

At the end, the players should learn that short passing is important to keep the team united, but this is something also important outside the field. We need to stay united, if we want to go further. We need to help others as we need others to help us.

Saidate, our "coach", used a simple idea to demonstrate this. Every player should count how many squares on the paper and the answer was so easy - 16 squares! Well, if they look closer, with the help of others, they will probably see more. Right, some would say 22 squares, others 24, and finally, 30 squares.

Today's lesson: In soccer, we need all the team to reach the objectives. In the family, we all should be united and closer to each other. So that our homework - go back to our homes and do something that will make our family stronger, happier and united. Next week, we will see the results!