Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Smiling at the Oncology

Today was a special day at the Oncology Department of Maputo Central Hospital, when the kids discovered that Christmas is also a special season for them!

"Aunt Alice" and "Aunt Paula" arrived earlier to make sure everything would work fine and nothing would be missing. In fact, the table was full with chicken, fruit, juice and popcorn. Chicken was the special guest but the first to go! They just love chicken!

Santa was there for the distribution of small gifts, some clowns with balons, a group of missionaries who would bring music and a bible story about Christmas.

Our daugther Raquel, played as Christmas tree in the story, and took some pictures for us. It was a rainy day outside but a shiny day on the faces of those, sent to the hospital by a disease not invited for their lives.

Tho those who contributed to make this happen, thank you so much! God bless you!
On behalf of those at the Oncology... Kanimambo!