Monday, December 12, 2011

KidsGames in Picoco, Boane

The final stage of a sports ministries training is to organize a Children Activity where students aplly all the tools and concepts learned during the week of training, using sports and games as a teaching tool, through experiential learning and creativity to teach life and bible values.

It was a rainy and cold day and gradually the children arrived at the camp.

Some of them bring their little brothers/sisters carrying them on their backs. This is a social reality, everywhere, with children being exposed to adult life style and roles.

But this is a special day and the key word is PLAY. We need to provide a great day to these kids and teach them values through the games:

Jumping with the rope

Pulling the rope

Wheelbarrow race

Long Jump

Blindman's bluff
 After all the fun, it is time to talk and to reflect on what can we learn with all those activities. Important to know what can we do to make our lives different and better, in the middle of all the problems and needs.

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