Saturday, December 10, 2011

1-2-3 Training in Boane

During 6 days, 21 youth leaders from different communities of Maputo province, gathered in Picoco, a small village, 25 miles away from the capital city.
The first 20 miles we drive in a paved road but the final 5, you need a 4x4.

Some will walk to the training camp, other will take a ride from someone.

The best part of the dust road!
As we arrive at the Youth for Christ center, the group prepares for 6 intense days. We only have 4 rooms, 2 for the dorms, 1 for the classroom and the last one for dinning. The kitchen is open air.

Experiential Learning, Creative Games and Sports, Teaching Methods is just a part of the subjects to study. During the week all are challenged to make a difference in their generation and to make a commitement to reach the children at the community.

Some sessions are very practical and students are challenged to build their own ministry projects and to test the learned principles and tools.

Planning the KidsGames program

Small groups discussion
Experiential Learning

Last day, all that have completed the program receive their Certificate and are challenge to go back to their communities and make a difference!

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