Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Community Transformation

Picoco is a small community, 25 miles far from Maputo, but still with big needs, although we can see the capital city sky-line.

Here the majority of the houses does not have electricity or water and not event blocks. Made with old tree branches, rocks and mud, or in some cases a bit of concrete.

The family we visited today, their house was built with mud and covered with old advertizing banners to protect from rain. On the side, we see a structure of their future house, that will take them months to afford to complete it. So we decided to help.

Out team of 15 students from the 1-2-3 training decided to help built some of these future walls. Our first task was to colect rocks and put them in the "wood" structure to cover the wall.

After that, they usually put mud but we decided to offer a bag of concrete and start filling the empty spots.

Finaly our team poses for the picture and shows the result...

Then we pray for the family and celebrate with joy as we return to our camp!

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