Friday, February 18, 2011

Soccer and Life

Around 130 youth, from different churches of Maputo get together for a soccer tournment.

Many goals scored but also lots of joy for knowing about the much higher values that exist behind sports. To achieve the 1st place is good but not everything in life.

At the end, all have received literature about values and sexual abstinence.

In Mozambique we estimate that sexual activity starts at the age of 11 - 12 years old.
We can't wait for the rigth time to educate... the rigth time is now!

Who said you need special shoes to play?...

This was an oportunity for these young man and women, to watch what pro athletes have to say about life, like Kaka and Lúcio, soccer world champions.

A soccer ball, signed by the FIFA best soccer player of the world, is nothing without air inside... what about your life?...

Another team blessed by a "uniform" donation from Clube Desportivo de Mafra

Two communities competing... Romão and Baixa

Ali Mulima, the best scorer with 8 goals, showing his shirt "With Jesus, problem is not a problem"

Distribution of a magazine "Values on Sport" and a brochure about Sexual Abstinence

The Book with the best story for the 2 winning teams...

Joy and lots of noise from the vuvuzelas!

The champions... A.D. Baixa

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