Saturday, February 12, 2011

Short Passing - Relationships

One of the main focus of Ubabalo program (Whole Life Soccer Coaching) is the way it transforms the soccer field into a classroom, where the students learn as they play and reflect about what they do.

This is what happened this morning, 8 AM, when our kids experienced for the first time a grassed soccer field, invited by Clube Ferroviário de Maputo for a friendly match.

But there was another surprise for them - a new "uniform"! Donated by Clube Desportivo de Mafra, a soccer club from Portugal, these kids played for the first time so well dressed in yellow and green.

At the end, the players should learn that short passing is important to keep the team united, but this is something also important outside the field. We need to stay united, if we want to go further. We need to help others as we need others to help us.

Saidate, our "coach", used a simple idea to demonstrate this. Every player should count how many squares on the paper and the answer was so easy - 16 squares! Well, if they look closer, with the help of others, they will probably see more. Right, some would say 22 squares, others 24, and finally, 30 squares.

Today's lesson: In soccer, we need all the team to reach the objectives. In the family, we all should be united and closer to each other. So that our homework - go back to our homes and do something that will make our family stronger, happier and united. Next week, we will see the results!

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