Monday, December 03, 2012

Mayra is back...

We met Mayra 3 years ago, when she was admitted at the Cancer Ward, she was 1 year old. After spending almost a year at the hospital under Chemoteraphy treatments, she went back to her village near Nampula, almost 2000 miles far from Maputo. we though we would never see her again.

That's what happens all the time... After a few months at home, cancer is back and the family doesnt want to experience the process again. it's very commom to receive a phone call with such bad news a few months later.

But we were completely surprised with Mayra, when she returned to the Hospital last week, for a routine appointment, and to hear from the doctors she was completely fine!

Mayra's story makes us smile and believe there is still hope for so many children arriving here almost defeated by cancer!

Thank you, Mayra for making us smile today...

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