Thursday, October 22, 2009

PRIME Maputo 2009

We have welcomed 5 doctors and 1 nurse, to teach different subjects at the Medical Scholl in Maputo.

Along with the training, this group was able to visit some departments of the Central Hospital, and also the Military Hospital in Maputo.

PRIME is an international network of Christians involved in healthcare education, committed to improving the quality and depth of the medical care of patients, especially those in poorer situations. This is done in partnership with health care providers worldwide, to give teaching that equips, inspires and empowers them to give excellent clinical care for the whole person.
World Health Organization Report 1998: "Until recently the health professions have largely followed a medical model, which seeks to treat patients by focusing on medicines and surgery, and gives less importance to beliefs and to faith in healing, in the physician and in the doctor-patient relationship. This reductionist or mechanistic view of patients is no longer satisfactory. Patients and physicians have begun to realise the value of elements such as faith, hope, and compassion in the healing process"
PRIME seeks to redress this balance and restore a compassionate whole person perspective to modern medicine. This is achieved through direct training activities and educating the trainers by equipping them with appropriate skills and support networks. PRIME courses are designed to be acceptable to and accessible by medical professionals, of all faiths or of none, skills and support networks.
On behalf of those students and professionals trained during these 3 days, Thank you!
More about PRIME.

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