Saturday, October 10, 2009


His name is Narciso, has only one leg, and is for a long period under treatments at the Oncology department in the Central Hospital of Maputo.
He needed a little bit more that 1 USD to start his own business, which gave him already a 800% profit, in few weeks.
This is not "The secret" but only the strenght and willing to live, making him stand up every morning to go out and sell "credit" at the street near the hospital.

"Credit" is what we call the "airtime/minutes" to recharge our cell phones. It is sold all over the place in the city.
No market research or any advanced study to find out that street didn't have anyone selling this product.

With a "microcredit" of USD 1,60 (50 meticais), he was able to buy "minute cards" and sell them with a 10% profit.
Well, the more you sell, the more you make, and the less you spend, the more you keep!
What about this?

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