Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Light" peace...

It seems that everything is ok. At least the violence is over - that one of stones and burning tires. Because there is another kind of violence in the streets - to force thousands of mozambicans to walk dozens of miles to be at work each morning.

In modern cities, when there is a strike of transports, peolpe will stay a home, just because they can't go to their jobs. Sometimes they feel happy about that. But here, there is no tolerance! If one can't be there on time, probably he will be substituted by other and lose his job.

This job, paid with a few meticais, enought to buy a bag of rice, sugar and oil, and nothing else, is the job which make these people to walk everyday, imagine... with a smile!

Yesterday we meet a young man at the drugstore who walked for 6 hours in his way back home, the day before. This morning, by 6:30 AM, we meet a lady who works at the house next to ours, and to not lose her job, she left home by 2:30 AM.

The schools reopened this morning, althought there is still no public transportation. According to the government, the transportation strike will be over tomorrow, but the gas companies just said this afternoon they will be on strike from tomorrow on. In some stations there is no gas.

Mozambique says will not compensate for riot damages

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