Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Violence in Maputo...

A wave of violence spread into the city this morning, caused by the insurrection of mozambicans as the government raised the prices for bread and for public transportation (+50%).

People were inciting by SMS on the cellphones saying " people is suffering, but the government and their families don't. They don't pay for transportation. On the 5th nobody should work, or get the "chapa" (a 9 seat van for 22 people! - the main public transportation in the city). Let's stop and demand justice, pass this to others, come along and fight against the poverty"

The streets are closed, people are destroying cars and burning tires in the main roads of the city.

Our family is ok! For security reasons, the school stoped and retained the kids inside. We here able to get there and bring them home. I went to buy some food but I was caught in one of the barricades, and stayed there untilt army fired some shots to the air, so we could pass without problems, only a stone's throw to the back window of the car.

Thanks God, we're all together at home and safe!

- Updated News from Reuters
- One dead, 63 wounded in Mozambique protests
- After Riots, Government to Renegotiate With Transport Operators
- One Killed in Mozambique Transport Price Protests


  1. we are tourusts and arrived in maputo yestareday. this morning we went to the taxi rank/bus stop near the cemetary to take a bus to valinkulo. we arrived there at about 8am, paid for a bus fare then - after the usual hour or so wait - started to see smoke coming from the buildings nearby. there was then the sounds of gunshots. slowly things became more and more agitated until we had all got off the bus, the gunfire becoming more and more regular, interspersed with louder bangs. then (more?) police arrived in pickup trucks, wearing gas masks. though we were a good five hundred metres from the centre of the activity they threw teargas canisters into the middle of the road about ten metres from us - children were being grabbed and people were running - all of us were only waiting to take the transport - no one was protesting in this area. it was a very heavy handed approach. my husband and i ran. since then we have stayed in our hotel all day - each time we have gone outside, there have been gunshots/smoke/sirens. we don't understand portuguese fully and things have been very frightening.

  2. Hi Rebbecca,
    What a welcome you've got in this country!
    Hopefully things will calm down in the next hours.
    It is very wise to stay at the hotel until the government says something about this.
    I'm sure the Hotel staff will help you to make sure you will stay safe.
    Any question please e-mail me to jprataspalma@gmail.com