Monday, December 31, 2012

252 steps in 3 m 28 s

3 days ago we have received a unexpected Christmas gift. Our lift would be not working until the second week of january (they said). An important part is damaged and needs to be shipped from Europe...

There is nothing we can do! Just training the stairs as this is becoming an Olympic event. So, the best personal time is so far... 3 minutes and 28 seconds for 252 steps... Need to do better I know...

Well, in fact, there are 270 steps to the basement where the car is parked, meaning 540 for a return trip. Considering two trips per day (AM/PM) its just 1080 steps per day!

The good news, they said... it is good medicine for the heart. If that is true soon we will have the best hearts in town.

So far, we are able to reach the 14th floor with a smile:

Today, last day of 2012, after the 1080 bill was paid, we received a phone call, inviting us for a dinner with friends...
Wow... this is where we know the value of friendship! Let's do it... 14 floors down... 14 floors up.! We will join you for sure!
Meanwhile, while we wait, here is a glimpse of Maputo on the last day of 2012:
3:41 PM - A storm is coming to the city
3:44 PM - It's raining...

3:52 PM - Great view of the rain and thunder

3:55 PM - The city gets darker and it still rains
6:46 PM - Rain stops and the sun is back
6:50 PM - The last sundown of 2012
7:00 PM - Do we really need to go?!!! Sure, a delicious pizza is waiting with a wonderful group of friends... real friends:



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