Thursday, December 24, 2009


Alex is one among many boys that live in the streets of Maputo, parking and "checking" cars, to get some coins.

This morning, Alex helped me to park the car and promised me to "check" (to take care or to protect the car from burglars) while I was in the store.

Looking to his cap, I asked:

- Bro, where did you find that cap?
A friend gave it to me, boss!
- Have you noticed what is writen?
Yes, it says Jesus!
- And you know who is Jesus?
Jesus is Xicuembo (God in Tsonga dialect), he said, pointing to the sky.

We have talked a little bit more, and I promised him a Bible, next time we will meet.
This season, the Chistmas Tree can be at the corner, but Jesus must be at the center!

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