Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sorry, sorry...

Dear friends,

We have been out of the blogsphere for a while!

After our return from furlough last month, we are still on the process of getting back to normal life.

It hasn't been easy to find time to write here and share as we promised we would. Sorry for this.

Raquel and Mariana started a new school year at the Portuguese School of Mozambique, with new teachers, new classmates, and also completely different schedules.

Alice is back to the Central Hospital of Maputo where she volunteers at the Oncology department, and Jorge is back to his soccer players and friends at the orphanage, to his Ethics classes, translations and many other projects.

Step by step, we are re-arranging everything and prepared for a new season.

After almost 7000 miles traveling during 9 weeks, we had our first weekend of rest, at a small place in South Africa, 1 hour from the Mozambican border.

This place is called White River, but it's knowned for the beautiful green landscapes.

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