Monday, February 09, 2009

Thank you

we can praise the Lord that the doctors are hopeful to begin chemotherapy for Gabriel this week. However, the timing of it all depends on a number of variables (ie: scheduled bone scan, bone biopsy, lung biopsy and determining and treating the source of persistant fevers that Gabe has been experiencing). Chemtherapy can't begin until 48 hours after the bone scan and biopsies are complete and the fevers are gone. Obviously there is much to pray for! As well, we can continue to pray for Mike and Sarah as they need rest and energy to keep up with their daily routines surrounding Gabriel. Pray too for Simon, as he adjusts to the routine of visits with mommy, daddy & Gabriel and time with his grandparents and family in between. School is ahead for him also, and we can be praying that the transition to new friends and classroom goes smoothly. Today, the elders of our church had the opportunity to visit and pray over Gabriel. As I thought about that tonight, it reminded me of something. A doctor in our church has a beautiful painting of a surgeon operating on a patient with nurses all around him, but what captivates the viewer most is that standing behind the surgeon and guiding his hands is Jesus. What a hope we have. God IS the "Great Physician!"

In His Grip,Cathy

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