Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kanimambo! (Thank you!)

The container just arrived!

Finaly we were able to open the container and to give all those donations to the Casa das Formigas (Ant's House), at Bairro da Liberdade, outside Maputo.

The joy of the children and the staff made us feel happy for the hard work to get this container released.

We must thank those who made this possible, not only sending the donations, but also contributing for the expenses involved.

A special word of gratitude for the official and private entities, from Portugal and Mozambique, which support this project, making it possible:

Portuguese National Television - "Praça da Alegria" talk-show
Maersk Line
ISM - International Sports Ministries
Ministry of Finance - Republic of Mozambique
Central Board of Customs - Mozambique
Maersk – Mozambique
Agal, Despachantes
MIPS – Mozambique Ports
Navemar, Lda

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