Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joy in Heaven

Alice went to the Hospital in the morning, and soon realized that Arthur wasn't ok. It seems that the "quimo" treatment has stoped to help him, and this 2 years old little boy, which Alice visited regularly, was different from the other days.
In the afternoon, driving back t the Hospital, Alice's cellphone ring and the call was very clear. A message from the Oncology department saying "Arthur surrended to cancer - He is no more!"

Now is time to Adélia, to be encoraged by Alice's prayers. Adélia is a defeated mother, who will travel by herself back to her home village, with nobody to carry on their arms. For the last weeks, she have been asking Alice to intercede with the doctors, so she could go home with his son, as he was, preferring that Arthur would say goodbye to life in his home, laying in his poor floor carpet, listening to the dialect lullaby songs.

But the reality was different. Arthur died in the city, and he will not come back to the village. His body will be buried with thousands at the "baby section" of the more than full Lhanguene cemitery.

At the Oncology department, mothers feel sorry for Arthur, for Adélia, mas basically for their own sons, feeling that their will be next in the line.

Here, death never comes as a surprise! Surprise, for sure, it's the life!

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