Thursday, June 05, 2008

União Futebol Clube (Unity Soccer Club)

Is this a passion for soccer or just "motivation"?

I'm sure it is passion, because they don't seem to have "that kind of motivaton". These players JUST PLAY FOR FREE at the City Championship in Maputo. They really love soccer, although soccer does't seem to love them!

The majority need to keep their jobs to survive, and others are unemployed, still looking for a job. Anyway, Unity is the name and the theme for the team!

That's why they just reached the first place in the championship.

They train and play with no conditions or resources at all, but they don't mind.

As long as they have cleats, no matter how old, or which color...

Please pray for the chaplaincy program with this team.


  1. Hi,

    My team playing with the name Nova Alianca is this year in the same Liga as your team. All our players are from my project Centro de Encontro in Maputo. See photos

  2. great to know that, please contact me at