Thursday, May 22, 2008


Maputo, 5:30 AM - That's like this every morning! N4 road, in the way to South Africa, 90 km to the border.

As the city stands besides me, awakening for a new day, the sun starts to shine strongly as I can see on the mirror of my car.

Every morning the sun comes to shine on everyones lives in this "Land of Smiles". It really shines to everyone? Would this be true?

In fact, the sun shines for everyone but, for some, it is only just another day, uncertanty about life, future or family.

You should ask C., one among 1.500.000 orphan children in this country, living at Ant's House, an orphanage which we are so proud to be friend of!

Picture of C. by Avelino Vieira.

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