Monday, April 14, 2008

When the door closes...

If a door closes here
Another door will open there
I need to learn more about God
As He's the One who cares for me

These words are part of a song that has been in our lips since we start dreaming about Mozambique. We still sing this song, knowing that God is the One who really cares for us!

We don't know why, but the donation of that TV show spectator is no longer available to support us with the container costs.
For that reason, the TV Crew was filming today all the boxes that have been collected to be shipped to Mozambique, so next wednesday they will broadcast again a short footage about our project.It seems we no longer need a 20' container but a 40'!!!
That's how God works! And we can't wait to see what is He doing next.

A special note to the companies Damco, Maersk Line e Safmarine that will support some of the shipping costs, and to all the others doing whaever they can to make sure these children from Mozambique will keep smiling.

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