Monday, November 26, 2007

Please read this...

This post was writen for you, coming to this page don't know why, maybe because you've googled Mozambique or maybe someone told you about a family living the confort zone and moving to Africa, to help needed children. If that is the case, let me tell you the true motivation behind our moving to Mozambique:

When God created the world, He created man to live with in perfect harmony. At the same time, God gave man the hability of making choices including the option of disobeying God's purposes and intentions.

Man prefer to disobey and turn back from God. Even thought God always tried to be reconciled with man, He did it lately through Jesus Christ, who lived, died and arise from dead 2 thousand years ago to prove how great is His love for people. All who receive this true, He will became part of His family.

This is the significance of our lives. To know that God loved us enought to give His only Son to die for us. If you are still looking for a purpose in your life, you still have time to find it in God only.

If you think that the fact of our family moving to Africa to help children is a big thing, let me tell you that is nothing comparing with what God did for us... and for you also!

Look for God... you will find Him!

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