Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fasten your seat belts...

Just 1 day to start our family biggest adventure! Everythink packed, our hearts ready and lots of emotion to go back to Africa. This time, some more days and everyone has a ticket.
Here, we will register the experiences, the facts and the feelings.

Because of you, your friendship and prayers. We will try to come here as many times as possible to share everything about this time in Mozambique. Please, keep praying!


  1. Karen Meyer8:20 PM

    Jorge and Alice and girls--Wow! I am so glad to hear your news, having been out of the e-loop for quite a while. This is exciting stuff. Blessings, Karen in Minnesota USA

  2. Davide e Patrícia Barros2:39 AM

    Friends we are so contented for not only carrying through your desire but the desire of God.
    We wait the notice of the espionage,
    God still blessing you,
    Davide and Patrícia Barros
    V.N. Gaia PORTUGAL